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Fender Flares for Mitsubishi L200

Catalog number L200
Car Body Mitsubishi L200
Material LLDPE
Fender offset: front arch ~ 70мм
rear arch ~ 70мм
Mitsubishi l200 Расширители арок

TORBIK Fender Flares

Mitsubishi L200

Torbik fender flares for Mitsubishi L200 allows installation of wheels up to 35 inches.

Protect car from dirt, stones, light touches and collisions.

Material of Torbik fender flares is ELASTOR. Based on LLDPE (low pressure polyethylene). The material properties allow the Mitsubishi L200 fender flares to stay flexible, not to break, not crack in the cold up to -40 and not to fade from the sun.

Installation hardware is threaded rivet and stainless screws will preserve the aesthetic appearance of the TORBIK fender flares for a long time.

Advantages of Torbik fender flares

Material of Torbikfender flares

Flexible, durable, lightweight.
Based on LLPDE low-density polyethylene with patented additives giving: elasticity, resistance to ultraviolet, chemical reagents.

Functional of Torbik fender flares

  • Protecting the car body from damage.
  • Prevents dirt of body surfaces,side mirrors and windows.
  • Increases the rigidity of car body elements.
  • Hides traces of repair, refinement of the wings and wheel arches.

Design of Torbik fender flares

Our fender flares will give your car the image of a confident elemental winner. Transforms classic features into a new modern look that gives personality.